LPGA Tour Player, Sarah-Jane Smith

“Chancellor Park Golf Range has such a relaxed feel to it. I love being home on the Sunshine Coast and being able to hit good quality balls in such a beautiful setting. It makes practice all that more enjoyable.”

Sarah Jane Smith

Standing at 5'5", Sarah Jane Smith has packed quite a punch on the golfing circuit. She started playing golf as a child, and credits her Dad for being the most influential person in her career.


When not practicing and playing golf, Sarah can be found playing with son Theo, watching movies, drawing, painting, going to the gym and running.

Father & Son

Sarah met her husband Duane when they were both junior golfers. Their relationship grew and when Sarah Jane joined the LPGA Tour in 2004, it was with Duane as her caddie. They were married 10 June 2009. Ten years later, son Theo Kai Smith was born.

Golfing Career

Sarah began her professional career in 2004. She has traveled the world playing and had much success throughout the years. Being able to practice at Chancellor Park Golf Driving Range when on the Sunshine Coast, is a true delight.